Web Lab

As an employee of Tellart.

Partners: Universal Design Studio, MAP, B-Reel, Karsten Schmidt, Fraser Randall

Client: Google

Photos: Andrew Meredith

"Web Lab is a groundbreaking, year-long exhibition, featuring a series of interactive Chrome Experiments that bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life.

Google Creative Lab and Tellart created the concept of the Web Lab–from the user-experience as an integrated online and onsite experience, to its science museum context and audience, to the optical Lab Tag method for collecting artifacts, to the interactions between digital and physical touchpoints which allow in-museum and online audiences to collaborate.

Visitors to the London Science Museum are able to play with five unique installations, while at the same time, online participants can visit and interact with the same installations. Together, in-museum and online visitors will bring web technologies to life through five experiments" -from Tellart

View of the Universal Orchestra. Play music with people all over the world.

Submit your picture and have it drawn by a robot in the sand!

Each user is visualized as an avatar and projected on this glass wall. A robot then draws statistics over it.

View live 360º streams from all over the world.

Trace routes across the internet's vast network and discover where images are stored with the Data Tracer.

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